May 9: Release Day for The Substitute Wife! And a Fun Blog Over at USA Today’s Happy-Ever-After!

When Cheryl’s mother and aunt first told us about Cheryl’s great-grandparents’ love story, we knew it had to be written.

Harrison and Retta Osborn initially met under difficult, tense circumstances. Harrison had moved from the Midwest  to the silver mines of Territorial Colorado to make his fortune, and sent for his fiancee when he finally established himself. But his young lady had become very sick with an illness seldom curable in those days. She couldn’t travel, so she convinced her sister, Retta, to go in her place. Armed with her child, a son out of wedlock, and a letter from her sister explaining all, Retta made the journey. No mean feat when you are a young woman–considered a soiled dove from having an illegitimate child–and traveling alone in rough company with no male protection.

Two sacrifices were made back then: the sacrifice of one sister for another, and the kind of sacrifice a woman made for the chance of a better life for her child.

In Retta’s case, the move out West to marry a man she didn’t know resulted in a good life, a husband who gave her additional children, and a legacy of love that endures to this day in Cheryl’s family. Harrison did right by Retta and her son, and in doing so honored the memory of a young life cut too short.

How could we not write this, when we got the entire story? We didn’t even try to resist such a romantic lure, so we started brainstorming. We changed last names, added family members where applicable (even changed genders once!), and ended up with a three-book series called Brides of Little Creede, with the possibility of continuing the series past the initial trilogy.

Finding ourselves more and more fascinated with each chapter we wrote, we remained in close touch with Cheryl’s family during the process, and their enthusiasm and approval kept us moving forward. With The Substitute Wife on the cusp of release, and Book Two, The Dance Hall Wife, completed and in the editing process, we are anxious to begin work on Book Three, The Innocent Wife.

But for now, Book One is out in the world, and we can’t wait to share the romantic journey of our Harrison and Retta Carter. We know you’ll love their story as much as we do.

You can find The Substitute Wife, here:  AMAZON

From the Back Cover:


Once his fortune in silver mining is secured, Harrison Carter finally sends back home for his fiancée. It’s been four years since he’s seen Jenny.

But it’s Retta Pierce, Jenny’s sister, who arrives by stagecoach with young daughter Adeline in tow. When this lovely, soiled dove brings devastating news and a written plea from Jenny to marry and care for Retta and little Addie, what’s a good man to do?

RETTA . . .

Fulfilling her dying sister’s request, Retta travels across dangerous territory to marry a man she barely remembers. But the hard miner who meets her at the stagecoach surely isn’t the same one her sister claimed was kind and honorable, a gentleman who’ll embrace her and her daughter as if they were his own. Has she made a mistake she’ll pay for, the rest of her life?


Thrown together in shared sorrow, Harrison and Retta struggle to forge a life in the brand-new state of late-nineteenth-century Colorado.

CiCi is over at USA Today’s Happy-Ever-After, too! Check out the fun we had, over there:

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Cheryl Yeko:

Website: ‘Where Love Always Wins’







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Website: ‘Falling In Love is Only the Beginning’

Website: ‘Falling In Love is Only the Beginning’






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