Update on Brides of Little Creede, THE INNOCENT WIFE, and Future Stories!

What an eventful month April has been for CiCi!

Early April saw the release of Book 3 in the Brides of Little Creede Series: The Innocent Wife. Joshua and Vivian’s story was so well-received, and we owe our readers a huge “THANKS!” for their enthusiasm. Our wonderful review team got the ball rolling, too.

Crafting the last book in a series is bittersweet, and when we started The Innocent Wife, we had no immediate plans other than to finish the book and start plotting out the next CiCi venture. Then our readers asked for more Little Creede.

Our publisher asked for another trilogy set in Little Creede.

Ask, and ye shall receive. ::grin::

So, we’re tickled to announce four more books in the Little Creede universe! Starting with a Christmas novella which will release in early December, our readers can visit Little Creede as it continues to grow and prosper in the wilds of Colorado. Several familiar characters living in town will have their chances to fall in love and experience their own adventures:

In Brides of Little Creede, Book 4, A Christmas in Silver Country: Robert Blackwood and Magnolia Sanders find love and drama in the snowbound Lower Cascades.

In Brides of Little Creede, Book 5, Samuel: newcomer and young gambler Sam Singleton meets Gwen Bentley, a local miner’s daughter, and sparks fly.

In Brides of Little Creede, Book 6, Richard: the youngest Blackwood, Richard, meets his match in Evelyn Calhoun.

In Brides of Little Creede, Book 7, John: the second son of Clem and Nellie Washburn, newly graduated from university back East, falls for society girl Priscilla Barcroft.


Want to join us on the new journey? Then stay tuned, because we’d love to have you!





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  1. YESSSS!!! So excited to hear there will be more books for the Brides of Little Creede. Will be waiting for the first one to come out at the end of 2019.


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