After Midnight, Tales From The Graveyard Shift

Cheryl Has A New Release!

The curtain rises on this collection of twisted tales, revealing the words of bestselling thriller author Lee Child. Child sets the stage for a series of mysterious and strange goings-on that occur between the hours of midnight and dawn … the graveyard shift. After Midnight

Contributing authors in this first anthology produced by the Writers’ Police Academy include bestselling mystery and crime authors, top television writers, true crime experts, and more.

Including stories from Heather Graham, Phoef Sutton, Robin Burcell, Allison Brennan, Carrie Stuart Parks, Lisa Klink, RJ Beam, Joe Bonsall, Katherine Ramsland, Denene Lofland, Michael A. Black, Mike Roche, Les Edgerton, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Rick McMahan, Marco Conelli, Cheryl Yeko, Howard Lewis, Linda Lovely, Lee Lofland, Ry Brooks, and Emilya Naymark. With a foreword by Lee Child.

Look for Hostage (A Love Story)
by Cheryl Yeko.

Enjoy this short excerpt:

Brian continued to hold his hands high, giving a darn good impression of a freaked-out patient. However, the desperate look in his eyes whenever his gaze moved to her indicated how much he feared for her safety.

Love swelled in her chest near to bursting, and in case either of them died in the next few seconds, she mouthed, “I love you.”

The tic of his jaw and the hard gleam in his eyes let her know he understood. His determination to save her showed in every line of his body. A body she knew intimately and could read like a book.

Pick up your copy today! After-Midnight-Tales-Graveyard-Shift-ebook/dp/B07VF6W7Z8


  1. Reading The Substitute Wife and loving it. I was wondering if you named the bad guy Slim because you were actually thinking SLIME?

    Can’t wait for the next trilogy.


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