A New Trilogy Set in Little Creede? Yes, Please!

What’s better than a visit to Little Creede, Colorado, in 1878?

Why, returning in 1882!


Our latest series is contracted, outlined, and ready to plot! This visit to the silver boom town will showcase three strong, dedicated Creede men, and the women they’d lay down their lives for.

ROBERT, Book Four:

The younger of two nephews of Dub Blackwood, Robert Blackwood is deputized by Sheriff Joshua Lang to protect the rapidly growing boom town. Content and proud of his new duties, what else could he ever want?

Then he meets Magnolia Sanders, Galleria owner Knight Gleason’s visiting niece. Beautiful and elegant, Magnolia has studied hard back in Atlanta with the goal of breaking into law as one of the first women lawyers to ever hang an attorney’s shingle. They have nothing in common. Or so they think . . .

SAMUEL, Book Five: 

Mississippi native Samuel Singleton has shortened his name to ‘Sam’ and wants to be a better man while escaping his unsavory past. Knight Gleason once took Sam under his wing on his casino riverboat and taught him the ropes, but Sam jumped to shore in Baton Rouge and drifted, getting into trouble, before he started searching for Knight and finding him in Little Creede. Now he’s determined to pay his mentor back for believing in him.

Then he meets pretty Gwen Bentley, the oldest daughter of Davey Bentley, lead foreman at the Rocky Gulch Mine. Gwen’s a real tomboy, wanting nothing more than to follow in her father’s footsteps and manage her own mine. But Rocky Gulch is on shaky ground despite efforts to keep it safe and producing. They say opposites attract yet Sam and Gwen find circumstances are against them, not only from danger at the Rocky Gulch Mine but also from Sam’s past, in the form of a vicious bounty hunter on his tail for a crime he didn’t commit.

RICHARD, Book Six:

Deputy Richard Blackwood aspires to become Sheriff in Silver Cache, after the acting sheriff has announced his decision to retire. With Joshua Lang’s thumbs-up and the Carter family’s enthusiastic endorsement, Richard’s a shoo-in for a job that pays well and is more secure.

Then he meets Evelyn Calhoun, the only daughter of the richest man in Silver Cache. Her daddy’s president of the largest bank in town and a member of the town council. Lovely Evelyn is educated and high-brow, comes off as condescending at times but deep down is insecure and anxious to be liked. She’s been groomed since childhood to marry into money and political power. Her parents already have her future husband picked out for her and it never occurs to her to protest or rebel . . . until Sheriff Richard Blackwood kisses her.

Want to follow along? We’d love to have you!


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