News! Contest Wins! Excitement! Future Fun!

October has proven to be quite a month for CiCi already, as you can probably tell from the title of today’s blog!

First of all, the contest win: On October 12, Cheryl and I found out we’d won the 2019 RONE Award in one of two Historical categories, through InD’tale Magazine. This prestigious award has grown in significance over the years, and we’re thrilled to have not only been considered as a finalist, but to have won. Major happy dances!

The first novel in our BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE Series, The Substitute Wife, is now a multiple-award winning book. We couldn’t be prouder.

Now for some news: The Innocent Wife is soon to join the Audible ranks right alongside Book 1, The Substitute Wife, and Book 2, The Dance Hall Wife. We’ll do a followup blog with links, as soon as everything is finalized, up and running.

In our last blog we mentioned the new Little Creede Trilogy featuring three men who have proven themselves worthy of being Little Creede-ers.

L to R: Robert Blackwood (Book 4), Samuel Singleton (Book 5), Richard Blackwood (Book 6)

Right now we’re working industriously on Book 4, Robert, featuring Deputy Robert Blackwood, whose worries over the safety of the ever-growing boom town is complicated by Magnolia Sanders and her goal of becoming the first female attorney in the West. Her determination to apprentice under a well-known attorney in a larger, neighboring town stirs up the kind of danger only the strong arm of the law can subdue.

What’ll happen next? You’ll have to ask CiCi.  ::grin::

Future news includes the upcoming Audible for CiCi’s latest contemporary, standalone novella, Healing Emily’s Heart, and some conference and writerly-retreating! We try to plan a retreat twice a year, usually centered around a conference. In 2019 we only managed one, but we’re hoping to do better in 2020!

Cheryl’s also working on a standalone romantic suspense under her name and hopes to have it ready by 2020.

So much to write, so little time! Sigh…








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