Winner-izing, Audible-izing, Thriller-izing, and Final-izing!

CiCi has been a busy little so-and-so these past weeks!

Where to begin . . .?

It all started when we found out The Substitute Wife, Book 1 in our Brides of Little Creede series, took the Winner’s Circle in the ‘Historical: Victorian/20th Century’ Category of the 2019 RONE, that wonderful annual contest hosted by InD’tale Magazine. Major thrills, to be sure! The start to our Historical Western saga has been a favorite since its release in May, 2018, and we couldn’t be prouder of The Little Book That Could (and did!).

Then, we contracted Book 3 of the series, The Innocent Wife, with our oh-so-talented ACX Narrator, Alan Taylor, to turn Joshua and Vivian’s story into a delightfully-performed Audible. It now joins Books 1 and 2 on the Amazon Audible shelf, and is rapidly growing in popularity, thanks to our dedicated Little Creede readers—and listeners. The three books look so Audibly-pretty together!

Links for each on Audible:

The Substitute Wife:
The Dance Hall Wife:
The Innocent Wife:

Now, for the Thriller-izing: for some time, we’d been chatting about trying new things, experimenting with different genres. Since we both love a good thriller—with a solid romance mixed in, of course—we put our busy brains to work and have begun plotting and writing a romantic thriller, with emphasis on the thrills. More on that in a later blog, as we nail down the plot and start to really mold that titillating tale.

THEN, we received word today from Oklahoma’s RWA Chapter, that CiCi finaled in two places for the 2019 International Digital Awards (IDA)! Talk about a double whammy . . . The Dance Hall Wife and The Substitute Wife both finaled, in 4th and 5th place, respectively, in IDA’s Historical Category. As competitive as we know IDA to be, we’re thrilled to have finaled, not once, but twice.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019 and 2020, we see at least two writer retreats in our future, along with the countless plotting/gabbing sessions we usually have each week. Keeping CiCi Cordelia in line as a busy so-and-so takes work, you know.

Well, we’re up for the challenge! And thanks to our readers, our followers, and our listeners, CiCi’s going to be hopping well into the future!





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