All The Fun Things!

Happy March and the Beginning of Spring!

2020 has already seemed to fly by for CiCi and her puppeteers (namely, Char and Cheryl).

With the holidays a blip in the rear-view mirror, it’s shaping up to be a busy year for the hardworking duo and their alter-ego, starting with participating in Night Owl Romance’s annual Spring Fling. This is a terrific scavenger hunt involving many authors, multiple crazed trips to websites and Amazon, and prizes which is always a good thing. Plus the (we hope!) sale of what we all want more of: books!

Dates for this year’s Spring Fling are March 17 – 31. If you have played in one of Night Owl’s Scavenger Hunts before, you know how much fun it is. If you never have, just click on the magic words:


Next Fun Thing:

In one of CiCi’s last blogs she mentioned a new trilogy in the Brides of Little Creede world. Well, she’s fully immersed in the creative zone for Book 4, Samuel, slated for release in Fall, 2020! If you recall, Samuel “Sam” Singleton is the ex-gambler mystery man hired to provide the muscle and security for Gleason’s Gambling Galleria which was first introduced in Book 3 of Brides of Little Creede, The Innocent Wife.

CiCi is thrilled to continue writing in this Historical Western world, centered around Colorado statehood, the silver mining boom of the late eighteen-hundreds, and a small town named Little Creede. All three of us—CiCi, Cheryl, and Char—hope our readers travel with us as Little Creede and its endearing townsfolk prosper toward the twentieth century.

So, if you want more Little Creede, stay tuned!



Book 4 of BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE, entitled SAMUEL, releases this Fall, 2020. Check out CiCi’s gorgeous cover! (featuring the wonderful Michael Wayne Foster)

SAMUEL . . .

Mississippi native Samuel Singleton has an unsavory background, but he wants to be a better man. Tracking down Knight Gleason, the mentor Sam skipped out on years earlier, he finds the man in Little Creede. Fortunately for Sam, Knight still believes in him and offers him a job as security at Gleason’s Gambling Galleria. It’s a new chance for Sam to make something of himself.


Isadora McDougall endured a rough childhood, growing up on the seedier side of Chicago. Izzy longs for the kind of normalcy she has only read about in books, but when she suspects her father of her mother’s murder, she’s forced to flee her home, eventually finding herself in Little Creede. Taken under the protection of good, honest folk—including Sam—Izzy’s determined to improve her life.


With Izzy’s vengeful menfolk searching for her and trouble from Sam’s past closing in, will their gamble at love end in a losing hand?


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