Goin’ Back to Little Creede!

When CiCi first began plotting the Brides of Little Creede, always in the back of her busy little mind was the idea that three visits to silver country might not be enough. Not for her readers and not for her puppeteers (namely, Char and Cheryl). They knew a good thing when they found it, and Little Creede’s wonderful townsfolk, with all their quirks and adventures, had become a Very Good Thing.

CiCi’s readers loved the Carter siblings: Harrison, Frank, and Vivian. As each one’s story unfolded, new characters joined the plotline and were embraced just as eagerly. Possibilities popped wide open. Best of all, Little Creede itself took on a life of its own. The Mercantile, the jailhouse, Reverend Matias’s church, The Miner Stage House, all have their own personalities and quirks. By the end of The Innocent Wife (Book 3), Gleason’s Gambling Galleria had joined the town, along with its expansive, drawling, larger-than-life ex-riverboat owner, Knight Gleason. He’s become a reader favorite, too.

Now it’s 1882, and times are changing as the nineteenth century grows closer to the twentieth. Before long, Main Street might even see a horseless carriage.

You just never know.  🙂

It’s also time for three new heroes and their ladies (and horses!) to make their stories known in town. Of course, it goes without saying there will be passion. Love scenes. And danger. All against a rich, historical backdrop that CiCi knows will be another chance for her readers to fall in love anew with the Brides of Little Creede.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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