THE RUNAWAY WIFE, BY CICI CORDELIA (Book Four in The Brides of Little Creede Series)

What Reviewers Are Saying:

The Runaway Wife, the fourth book in the series, raises the love quotient to the I-have-to-go-to-sleep-but-I-can’t-put-this-book-down level . . . If you’ve never read a Cici Cordelia novel, they all stand alone. You don’t have to read them in order. But you’ll want to read them all. Five Stars.(Jennifer R.)

Once I started reading I couldn’t stop! It’s a wonderful story . . . Izzy and Sam just might be my favorite couple! They’re perfect together! . . .” (Amy A.)

The story of Sam and Izzy is one that dreams are made of!! You will get so engrossed in this book that reality slips by as you are living in Little Creede feeling the small town closeness . . .” (Shawn)

The Runaway Wife hooks from the start, with a story that easily pulls you in and has you desperate to see how the pieces come together. Things progress at a pace that has you unable to put the book down, constantly turning the pages to see what happens next . . .” (Siobhan)

I enjoyed this book! The adventures of a small town back in the day was interesting and fun. So much takes place that will keep you reading and guessing what will happen next. The characters tug on your heart and soul . . . It is a very good historical romance series you got to read!” (Gladys M.)


SAM . . .
Samuel “Sam” Singleton has set aside his unsavory past, as a riverboat gambler and sometimes hired gun, to take on employment as security for Knight Gleason’s Gambling Galleria in Little Creede. Sam and Knight go back a ways, and Sam figures he owes Knight for some valuable mentorship. Then he meets a stowaway thief in the Galleria kitchen, and it changes the direction of his life.

IZZY . . .
Isadora “Izzy” McDougall is on the run from a dangerous family situation. On the road for days, hungry and exhausted, she takes shelter in a desperate bid to find food. Instead, Sam finds her.

Sam’s never been the nurturing type, but Izzy’s sweetness and innocent bravery touches his heart. He finds himself willing to protect her from her scheming family at any cost, even if it means tying himself down with a wife.

We’ve included a short excerpt from Sam and Izzy’s story
for your reading enjoyment:

Disrobing, Izzy hung her clothing on a wooden peg next to the washstand, then poured a generous amount of water from the pitcher into the ceramic bowl for a quick sponge bath. Not finding a brush, the best she could do was to finger-comb her curls. The cool air sent a shiver over her damp skin, and she retrieved the nightshift, easing it over her head. The sun, lowering in the horizon, painted soft shadows across the suite.

She turned when the door opened and Sam entered.

His gaze encompassed her in one glance as he set the latch. “You look especially lovely tonight, Missus Singleton.”

Feeling daring, Izzy batted her lashes in the flirtatious manner she’d seen Catherine Carter use on her husband, hoping she didn’t look foolish. “Thank you, Mister Singleton.”

His low laughter stirred up butterflies in her stomach as he crossed the room to where she stood. “Ready for bed, Wife?”

Izzy’s calm scattered, and she bit her bottom lip. “Y-Yes,” she lied.

His steady gaze held her captive. “What did I say earlier?”

“That we would just, er, sleep.”

“I meant it, too. I’d never do anything that’d hurt you or make you regret our marriage. As your husband, it’s up to me to see to your happiness and comfort. I take those responsibilities seriously.”

He removed his vest and holster. While Izzy stood transfixed, he loosened his suspenders, then shrugged out of his shirt and hung it next to her gown.

Teasing eyes locked on her, he drawled, “I sleep in my drawers, honey. Your virtue is safe.”

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