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Star-crossed lovers, united by death on Christmas Eve, search every fifty years to find each other again.


Her hands now framed his face and he remembered the feel of them cupping his cheeks, then sliding her soft palms over his shoulders, down his chest, gliding toward his breeches and what awaited her beneath—

“My love. My only. My always.” The words penetrated the deep fog that encroached, and for a few brief moments he knew the adoration in those words would keep it at bay. “I will never leave you. When the snow melts and there’s new growth on the trees, I’ll marry you. We’ll be together as we’d planned, and I’ll give you children, strong and tall. I’ll love you forever—” Her voice broke even as she repeated her vows between more kisses, and suddenly he was naked with her on the riverbank and the smell of crisp autumn blended with the scent of her eager flesh. Once again he saw her breasts, proudly bared to his worshipful eyes, her womanly mysteries at last revealed as he pressed her beneath him on a carpet of soft pine needles and red leaves, and traded her innocence for his own.

As his befuddled brain filled with memories of that magical night, John lifted heavy lids and gazed at the woman he would love for all eternity. His lips parted; his voice strengthened for a tiny moment, long enough to rasp, “I know you.” The words of his people were a greeting as well as a pledge and a declaration of devotion. His beloved Elizabeth would understand their significance.

Through the mist and muffle engulfing him, he thought he heard her say, “I yearn for you.” He forced his eyes to remain open, but they drifted closed, just as she reached for his nokmee’s ceremonial knife . . .


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mysexyvalentineFROM MY SEXY VALENTINE:


How hard can it be to stash three kids with an overnight babysitter, slip into something ridiculously decadent and skimpy, and do naughty things to each other by candlelight on Valentine’s Day?

Sex-deprived spouses Sam and Dell might be finding out pretty soon, and not in the way they’d hoped.


If there was something better than kissing his woman as she smiled, he hadn’t come across it yet. Sam took full advantage of those lusciously parted lips, and indulged in an enthusiastic bout of tongue-jousting. In the quiet, warm kitchen they both groaned, their mouths and hands busy as they crammed months of sex-deprivation into a few minutes of precious privacy.

It wouldn’t last long. It never did. Even as Sam inched his fingers beneath Dell’s clingy sweater and stroked her silk-covered breasts, he braced for the sound of any or all three crumb-snatchers stomping down the stairs and invading the kitchen.

Still, he had to ask. “Twins?” It came out as more of a grunt than an actual word.

“In bed.” Dell clamped her teeth on his neck and sucked, hard.

He could feel his bones melt and his eyes cross.

“Maisie?” His daughter’s name escaped him on a wheeze, compounded by the way Dell ground her center right over his crotch. “Jesus, Dell . . .”

“Kay,” she panted in his ear.

“Huh? Okay, what?” He tugged frantically at the waistband of her jeans. A quick feel, a minute or two of her hot flesh filling his palm, and he’d die a happy man—

She dropped her head on his shoulder and chuckled. “No, you twit. Kay, her pal. Maisie’s doing a sleepover at Kay’s.”

He’d managed to unbutton her jeans before the words sank in. “Oh, that Kay. Great, one kid down, two to go.” Sam yanked on her zipper, then his. “Just let me get a little maneuverability, here.” He pulled harder.

“Sam, the kids are right upstairs! They went down like a half hour ago.” Dell wriggled, enough to break him out in a sweat as well as loosen his hold on her jeans. She grabbed at his wandering fingers. “As much as I want to, we can’t.”

“You started it.” He slipped his hand down the front of her undies and caught a bit of damp flesh between his fingers. “You’re soaked, babe.” He found her sweet spot and rubbed gently.

“Oh, my—that feels so good.” No sooner had she moaned it, than they both heard a thump and then a flush, right above their heads. “Sam, one of them is still awake. We have to stop.”

“Don’t wanna.” He rubbed faster, thrilled at the way she shivered against his palm as he cupped her.

“Mommy!” Lo’s thin voice broadcasted abject misery.

“Ah, hell.” Frustrated, Sam eased his fingers away carefully. “I swear we can never catch a break.”

“I’ll be right up, sugardoll,” Dell called out, then slapped her hands on his shoulders for leverage and struggled to her feet. “Jeez, my legs are shaking.”

The apologetic kiss she pressed to his mouth made up for the lack of nookie. Barely.