CiCi’s CoHorts: Join the Team!

CiCi’s looking for a few good team players. Folks who love to read, love to review, and want to just plain have fun while they’re doing it. It’s a journey we’d sure enjoy taking with our friends, and along the way there’ll be contests, giveaways, and of course, books!

Speaking of books:

CiCi’s writing escapades got off to a great start with RODEO KING, Book One of Dustin Lovers Series and our first foray into Western Contemporary.

We followed with REALM OF THE DRAGON, a sexy paranormal/fantasy and the kickoff book to The Soul Mate Tree series.

Following paranormal with Western Historical might seem like an ambitious undertaking, but CiCi was up for the challenge and created Brides of Little Creede, with Book One, THE SUBSTITUTE WIFE recently published. Book Two, THE DANCE HALL WIFE is headed for an October, 2018 release. Book Three, THE INNOCENT WIFE, releases May, 2019.

Future endeavors include Books Two and Three of our Dustin Lovers Series, and then we just might go back into the paranormal/fantasy biz with a whole new kind of world-building.

If all of this sounds like wild, fun times to you, CiCi would love to have you along for the ride.

All you have to do is sign up here:

See You There!