Announcing: The Soul Mate Tree Boxed Set!

Coming Soon!


All Twelve Books in the Series, available on Amazon:

Book One, Realm of The Dragon, CiCi Cordelia: 

Hurtled into an unfathomable world, Lily faces her destiny.

Book Two, Can’t Stop the Music, C.D. Hersh: 

Woodstock connected them, misunderstandings separated them.

Book Three, Between Venus and Mars, S.C. Mitchell: 

A rollicking, intergalactic adventure to Old Earth.

Book Four, The Trail to Love, Tina Susedik: 

Two lost souls find love on the Oregon Trail.

Book Five, Make Me a Match, Mackenzie Lucas: 

Your perfect match is closer than you think.

Book Six, A Promise Remembered, Erin S. Riley: 

A broken promise separates two souls entangled since the dawn of time.

Book Seven, Never Give Up on Love, Maggie Mundy: 

Vincent finds his love, a vampire hunter who could kill him.

Book Eight, Once Upon a Lady, Addie Jo Ryleigh: 

Bound by duty . . . tempted by desire.

Book Nine, Sweet Sacrifice, L.D. Rose: 

Heaven is hell without her.

Book Ten, Soul Song, Mikea Howard:

Two people from different worlds reach for love.

Book Eleven, The Storm Within, Cerian Hebert: 

Her love offered salvation, if she can heal his heart.

Book Twelve, Finding Faith, April A. Luna:

A leap of faith catapults a time-traveling gargoyle into a parallel world.