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Our latest series, a return visit to the silver boom town of Little Creede, showcases three strong, dedicated Creede men, and the women they’d lay down their lives for. The new trilogy includes a Christmas novelette introduction in the published Anthology Forever Yours, This Christmas which features a trio of stories from CiCi, Cheryl, and Char!

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Samuel “Sam” Singleton has set aside his unsavory past, as a riverboat gambler and sometime gunslinger, to hire on as security for Knight Gleason’s Gambling Galleria in Little Creede. Sam and Knight go back a ways, and Sam figures he owes Knight for some valuable mentorship. Then he meets a stowaway thief in the Galleria kitchen, and it changes the direction of his life.

Isadora “Izzy” MacDougall is on the run from a dangerous family situation. On the road for days, hungry and exhausted, she takes shelter in a desperate bid to find food. Instead, Sam finds her.

Sam’s never been the nurturing type, but Izzy’s sweetness and innocent bravery touches his heart, and he finds he’s willing to protect her at any cost from her scheming family. Even if it means tying himself down with a wife . . .


Deputy Richard Blackwood aspires to become a sheriff someday. That day comes sooner than later, when Rocky Gulch Mine incorporates into an actual town. With Joshua Lang’s endorsement and the Carter family’s enthusiastic support, Richard’s a shoo-in for a well-paying, more secure job.

Then, on an extended visit with his brother and wife in Silver Cache, Richard meets Evelyn Calhoun, the only daughter of the richest man in town. Her daddy’s president of the bank and a member of the town council. Lovely Evelyn is educated and high-brow, comes off as condescending at times but deep down is insecure and anxious to be liked. She’s been groomed since childhood to marry into money and political power. Her parents already have her future husband picked out for her and it never occurs to her to protest or rebel . . . until Sheriff Blackwood kisses her.


The second oldest son of Clem and Nellie Washburn, John has been attending college in Boston, funded by an education grant set up by the Carter brothers. John’s family wants him to make something of himself but all John wants to do is return to Little Creede and improve the lives of his family.

While in his senior year, John meets Priscilla Barcroft, whose Boston-royal family boasts a lineage going back to the Revolutionary War. Stifled and over-protected by her ambitious parents, Priscilla longs for adventure once her studies are completed. Her future as a daughter of The Barcrofts of Boston seems awfully dim. But meeting John Washburn opens up a whole new world of wild, open spaces and excitement.

Though young, John and Priscilla find themselves deeply in love. Despite parental disapproval, they marry in haste when John decides to bring Priscilla home to meet his family. Will Priscilla find that grand adventure once she experiences the reality of life in a mining village? Or will her impulsiveness cost her everything?

Christmas in Silver Country

(Bonus Novelette from Forever Yours, This Christmas)

The younger of two nephews of Dub Blackwood, Robert Blackwood is deputized by Sheriff Joshua Lang to protect the rapidly growing boom town of Little Creede. Content and proud of his new duties, what else could he ever want?

Then he comes to Magnolia Sanders’ rescue when she’s lost in a snowstorm. Taking shelter in an abandoned cabin, he fights his rising desire for the innocent beauty, while trying to keep them alive.

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